| Blue Bottle Beard

Tired of Itchy Scratchy Beards?

You like the look of your beard.  Your wife/girlfriend likes the look of your beard.  But, (and this is normally the dealbreaker) It gets flaky.  It gets Itchy.  It has an... unpleasant odor about it.  

Well No More!   With only 4-5 drops of Blue Bottle Beard Oil, your beard will glisten.  Your Beard will be softer, Your Beard will have an amazing aroma. Your Beard will no longer look like a snowstorm has just settled on your face.  

By using specialized essential oils and a unique combination of organic carrier oils, Blue Bottle Beard Oils will whip that beard of yours in shape.  All it takes is about 3 days to tame that unsightly beard into a beard you are proud of!  

Beards.  Men should have them.