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What is Beard Oil?

Beard Oil has been around since the dawn of man. It is a blend of carrier oils (health benefits) and essentials oils (pleasing aroma). Men need to take care of their beards. Between sweating, eating, the elements and ferocious beard pulling by women, we need to keep our beard and face healthy.

Is this a real thing?

Without a doubt. The ingredients we chose to make our premium beard oils can be found all throughout the health and beauty isle. You need to nourish your beard hair and face.

Why is your oil different?
Why should I use it?

I started using beard oil myself because of the itchy, flaky patches I would get as I grew my beard out. It was very hard to have a serious “suit and tie” meeting with flakes all over my chest. Our specialized blend promotes health skin and hair, reduced irritation, strong root growth, cleaner beard and visually appealing.

How to I apply it?

All depends on your beard! I use the dropper to put 3-5 drops of oil into my hand, put my hands together and then apply to my beard, massaging the oils down to the skin. Make sure you get it everywhere on your beard. Any excess oil on your hands, use it like cologne. Rub your neck, wrists and… jeans with it. Our formula is designed to not have a greasy feeling. You will notice it gets absorbed into your hair and skin fast. Use less or more as your beard changes in length.

How often should I use it?

Use on a daily basis. I use 3-5 drops in the morning and 3 drops before dinner. Why? Cause I like the scent. You do not have to use it at night, but it helps with beard head in the morning. ALWAYS use after a shower. I prefer to let the beard dry first, but can be applied to a damp beard.

How long will it last?

The oils themselves will last the day. The aroma will last 3-5 hours. Just like a cologne, you will notice the smell fade more than others. One bottle (used on a daily basis) will last you 3-7 months.

Will the product ever go bad?

Sadly yes. This is a natural product. Even though we use carrier oils that help extend the life of your oils, the effectiveness will only remain from 12-18 months. One bottle (used on a daily basis) will last you 3-7 months. Beware of beard oil that comes in 5 oz or above. Unless you have a ZZ Top length beard, the oil will spoil long before you use it all.

Will Beard Oil promote beard growth?

Yes… and No. The actual answer is No. It will not make your beard grow faster, it will not fill in that patchy spot on your chin. But it WILL do is create healthier beard hair follicles. It will reduce the irritation and redness. It will prevent flakes. It will have you paying attention to your beard and taking the time to groom yourself.

How fast do you ship?

1-3 Days from time of order.

Will it discolor my beard?

It will not. If you use an over the counter “touch of grey” type product, it will not affect it at all.

What else can I use Blue Bottle Beard Oil for?

This may sound weird but, itchy skin. My calf “sock line” gets dry and itchy. I use beard oil to nourish the skin to stop it from itching. My daughter and wife both use it when the weather turns colds and their hands and elbows get dry and cracked. After all, it’s skin and hair oil.