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About Us

Its all about the Love of Beards.  When we originally looked at creating our own beard oils, we decided to focus first on the carrier oils.  This was the most important, because even though the scent is defining, the continued usage of the product will only happen if you can actually see/feel the benefits of the oil.  As I started growing my beard, I noticed every time, I'd get to 1/2-1 inch in length and then I would get these red itchy patches on my chin, flakes on my chest and the Beard just didn't look professional.  I had a friend from Texas with a magnificent beard turn me on to Beard oil.  I was skeptical at first, but after using the product for a week, I noticed a huge difference.  No Redness, It was soft, No Flakes.  I was hooked.

So Why did we start our own Beard Oil?

Simple.  I tried several brands on the market and much like the story of the Three Bears, Some were too strong (perfume), Some were too weak (wore off before I left the house) and I never could find that right mix and the scents I really loved.  

So we did our research, did more research, bought our supplies, experimented, experimented some more, failed a lot, until finally we hit the jackpot!  The right carrier oils with the right 3 note essential oils (more on that later) and we had our self a winner!

All of our oils are locally sourced when available and made right here in the Heart of the Midwest, Omaha, NE.

This company started as a family business and will always stay that way.  


Jayce, April, Abigail and Maximus