What makes you any different? November 10 2014

Essential oils.

When I first started using beard oil, I was very dissatisfied.  I used several bottles that I now know as “one hit wonders.”  They use one carrier oil, normally the cheapest, and one, maybe two essential oils.  “‘cause they smelled good.” 

But as we did our research, We learned that much like a fine wine, your essential oil mix needs to have depth to it.  There are high, middles and base “notes” or scents.  Each essential oil is classified into one of those three notes.  For a Beard oil to be long lasting, alluring and intoxicating, you need to ensure you have an amazing mix of each to balance and lift up the next note. 

Here is an example, Our star of the fall Collection, Flannel Beard Oil.  When I first came up with the recipe, I knew I wanted a cinnamon note.  So, I added several drops of cinnamon as well as other oils I thought would work well together.  WRONG.  The amount of cinnamon was crazy overwhelming and even though it was a base note, it was all I could smell.  So after experimenting with several recipes, the amount of cinnamon leaf oil I use in every bottle is…. 2 drops.  That was all that was needed.

When you first apply Blue Bottle Beard Oils, it will leave you pleasantly guessing what oils are in each bottle.  Better yet, Ask your wife or girlfriend to see if she can pick out the same manly scents that you do. More on Essential oils

Carrier Oils

The Carrier or Base oils.

Here at Blue Bottle Beard, after an exhaustive search and lots of .... experimentation, we decided to use a unique mix of 6 Carrier Oils for each Beard Oil Bottle. Jojoba, Coconut, Grapeseed, Safflower, Sweet Almond and Apricot kernel oil.

We are always looking at new carrier oils to see the individual benefit as well as how they compliment the other oils used in our Beard Oil Recipe.


These oils in this mixture gives you a non greasy, easily absorbed, long lasting Beard Oil that brings life to your itchy scratchy beard.

Below you will find the amazing Hair, Skin and Health benefits of each of our Carrier Oils.



Beards.  Men should have them.


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